Zero Sugar

100% Liquid Love

Project Info+

How do you promote a new line of sugar-free sodas that are sweet but not sugary? With love that's how! Debuting in February 2021 a year in which everyone could use a little pick me up, we decided to create a soft launch of the Zero Sugar line of sodas on Valentine's day, with the 100% Liquid Love campaign. The four sodas in the Zero Sugar portfolio presented a unique opportunity in their branding and packaging. With slight tweaks to each logo we were able to transform some of the world's best-known soda brands into symbols of love, joy, and happiness. The limited-edition "Love Cans" each featuring a reimagined logo incorporating a heart the ubiquitous symbol  of love and caring, helped bring something sweet to the world. Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, 100% Liquid love.

My Role 
Art Director, Designer
SVP Creative: Darren Moran
Design Director: Ryan Dreimiller
CGI Artist: Mike Campau
Copywriter:Tina Johnson